New Yorker Warranty Registration
Example: S9999999X

Warranty Period

2 years from date of purchase
Example: Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet Hi RFID – Caramel / BEL/WHSE-RFID/9999/CAR
Example: 180316-0011

Brand Policy

ALL NEW YORKER luggae are designed and manufactured to provide maximum carefree service. NEW YORKER offers a 2-YEAR guarantee against possible defects in material or workmanship. This guarantee applies when the product is used for the purpose intended, under normal conditions, and does not apply to damages caused by the user or by normal wear and tear. This guarantee is void if the product has been damaged XXXX unreasonable use, neglect, exposure to extreme temperatures'solvents, acids, water abrasion, damage by a common carrier or other cause not arising out of defect in material or workmanship. If your product is damaged for such reasons, you can still contact your dealer or an authorized NEW YORKER repair center; they will advise you and offer repair sucject to payment. Defects in material or workmanship discovered expiration of guarantee period can usually be repaired subject to payment. When making a claim, please provide proof of purchase by handling in the Guarantee Certificate, duty completed by the retailer, together with a dated receipt. Important: If your luggage is damaged by a common carrier, submit a claim with the common carrier at the place of arrival, preferable before clearing customs.