How to Get Clean Water Without Buying Bottled While Traveling

How to Get Clean Water Without Buying Bottled While Traveling

Gone are the days when you can just get water from a crystal clear stream. If you’re spending some time in the backcountry and will not have access to clean bottled water, you’ll want to treat your water and keep yourself safe.

A portable water filter will remove physical sediment (dirt, microplastics), protozoa and cysts (cryptosporidium, giardia), and bacteria (E. coli, salmonella). It will usually improve the taste of the water as well. Boiling is one of the original purification methods that’s ineffective for sediment — you can boil water with pebbles in it all you want, and the pebbles will still be there. Below are a few reliable filter options from the classic player in this market, LifeStraw.



LifeStraw Flex is an award-winning filter that  is extremely lightweight and long-lasting. The 2-stage filter protects against bacteria, parasites, microplastics, lead, chlorine, bad odour and more. The product is ideal for hiking, camping, and emergency preparedness/survival. It includes a collapsible squeeze bottle.



LifeStraw Go is a robust, leak-proof, BPA free bottle that is built for harsh conditions and longevity. Similar to the LifeStraw Flex, it has an advanced 2-stage water filter that protects against bacteria, parasites and microplastics. It also reduces chemicals like chlorine and improves water taste. Ideal for hiking, camping, international travel and emergencies, this bottle allows you to get water from a stream, river, or tap and filter it on the go.   


LifeStraw Personal is the original, award-winning  travel-friendly “straw” filter. It makes contaminated water safe to drink by removing bacteria and parasites, preventing the majority of waterborne disease. Use it to drink directly from streams and lakes, or fill up a container and use your LifeStraw to enjoy clean water on the go. The LifeStraw has unlimited shelf life. Once opened, it can provide an individual with more than 5 years of safe drinking water.


Lastly, LifeStraw Universal is an adapter kit featuring a LifeStraw filter, 2 cap sizes (narrow and wide-mouth), standard and sports mouthpieces, and a leak-proof lid. This means that you can attach the advanced LifeStraw filter to your favourite reusable water bottle. It is compatible with Nalgene, Klean Kanteen and other water bottle models. 


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