3 easy steps: How to safely pack your camera gear in a backpack

3 easy steps: How to safely pack your camera gear in a backpack

Traveling with expensive and heavy DSLR camera gear can be a hassle. If not packed correctly, you can damage your lenses and camera body. However, it’s totally worth it if you want to get that epic shot. Whether you’re heading out for the day or going overseas, safely packing your camera gear in a backpack is key. Here are 3 easy steps on how to do so, with a couple of extra hacks at the end. 

Step 1: Disassemble everything. 

Separate your lens from your camera. Take your battery out. Unclip your camera strap. By breaking down all of the separate components, you’re avoiding unnecessary wear on any moving parts when the camera moves around in your bag. Also, your camera won’t accidentally switch on mid-flight and drain your battery. 



Step 2: Wrap up each component in something padded

Protecting your lenses and camera body against knocks is key when you’re travelling. Some people use cloth wraps made specifically for camera gear. If you don’t have that stuff handy, use soft clothing like cotton t-shirts as your first layer and then something with more padding like a sweater as your second. As you pack each component in your bag, try to wedge a few soft items between each one. This acts as extra cushioning.

Watch the video below to see how a professional photographer uses this technique to good effect, turning any backpack into a camera bag.

Step 3: Sort your extras into easy to access pockets

You’ll want lots of stuff on hand: usbs, memory cards, chargers, safety straps, extra lenses, light gauges. A lot of these things can be quite small, so make sure you have zip pockets inside your bag to organize and store them. A bonus tip is grouping items together. Put your spare batteries and charger in one slot. Memory cards and/or usbs can go in another. 



Extra Hacks

Waterproofing. You might want a rain cover for your backpack in case you get caught in bad weather. Spills inside the bag can cause damage to your gear too. If you have toiletries or a water bottle in your bag, consider using plastic ziplock bags to protect things further. Simply slide the lens or body inside, seal it close and voila. Protection against liquidy mishaps.

Anti-theft camera backpacks. Your choice of backpack can be more important than how you pack it when it comes to preserving your gear. Find a bag with solid padding and lockable zips.

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This article is adapted from Pacsafe

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